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I love this page because it's an expression of my life's philosophy that you are never JUST a musician or anything, for that matter - you are everything that makes you shine and helps you grow, and for me, that has been this constant evolution of different streams of creativity. It is my way of finding myself and of expressing all that I am. Here, you will find examples of my crafting (jewelry and florals), writing (newsletter blog), cooking and social media explorations, and visual art. There will always be more!


I started this Etsy shop to showcase and sell flower crowns that I craft from real blooms. The designs are original, and I use baby's breath, lavender, and silver dollar eucalyptus leaves. They are completely customizable and available in fresh and dried versions. I've even worn them in concerts! My sister wore them for her backyard wedding rehearsal! Check out TheSweetAnnieShop here. (Note that COVID has paused my operations). 


Over the summer, I dug up various knick-knacks and started a craft exchange with friends all over the country with my Chinese-inspired jewelry. It was meditative to make these and share the symbols of my childhood and culture.