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Not Too Sweet: Album

Project Type

Album (Streaming)


October 2024

First Single

Collaborative Pianist

Markus Kaitila


Etymology Classics

Not too sweet is the quintessential compliment given by Chinese mothers for the perfect dessert. I laugh every time I hear it because it’s pointing out the absence of something good (sugar), which allows for the alchemy of something better. I love this idea applied to music. Sweet tunes made sweeter by shadows of some other more complicated flavors. I’ve collected these tunes mixed in with memories of mine - songs played in my dads car on the way to flute class, soundtracks from movies watched in my sister’s bed, or my mother’s favorite melody she’d ask me to play whenever I visited. It’s a perfect pairing for anyone feeling in-between: something not quite too sweet.

Release Dates:
First Single - April 2024
Second Single - August 2024
Third Single - Septemer 2024
Fourth Single - September 2024
Full Album - October 2024

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