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Recompose: A Musical Mushroom Dinner

Project Type



November 2022


Future Space, Brooklyn

Collaborative Pianist

Markus Kaitila


Amy Pickup


Matthew Shelley Reade

Mushrooms are life after death. In old logs and rotting leaf litter, they bloom and create food. Decay becomes the medium through which decomposers clean up for us and after us, demanding transformation. 

Recompose was a meal-concert-experience and collaboration between chef Kate Ray and musician Annie Wu that considered that nexus between the old and what comes next. There is the flirtation with time in music - the stretching and breaking down of beats - or the beauty of consuming a mushroom, the only way to eat what truly eats us. The event celebrated the mushroom as our autumnal symbol of renewal and our ultimately cyclical and regenerative nature.


Snack Mix: Ramen / Crunchy Shiitakes / Cashews / Chili Crips

Sweet Soup Cocktail: Snow Fungus / Asian Pear / Goji / Date / Osmanthus / Orange Peel / Sake

Musicial Welcome:
Sofia Gubaidulina
Thierry Lancino
Frank Martin

Pastelitos: Cremini Mushroom / Parsley / Black-Eyed Pea / Black Olive / Herb-Yogurt Sauce

Pozole Rojo
Mixed Mushrooms / Blue Pozole / Chilies from the Roof / Radishes / Crispy Shimeji / Corn Nuts + She Wolf Polento Pullman / Porcini Butter

Pavlova: Mushroom Garum Merigue / Mushroom Whipped Cream / Shiitake Crumble / Blackberries / Black Sesame / Mushroom Caramel / Potato Chips

Robert Schumann
Franz Schubert
Christoph Willibald Gluck + Guided Mycelial Meditation

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